Mezzo radiators are high-performing, rugged, and customized for your top-of-the-line equipment.

Benefits of microtube radiator-style products typically involving air in cross flow:


Mezzo’s microtube radiators have many attractive attributes that provide advantages over competing options such as plate-fin technology. Many of the advantages of microtube radiators also apply to condensers and evaporators, oil coolers, bleed air coolers, etc. These attributes are listed below:

  • Unsurpassed combination of heat transfer and low air side pressure drop: For a given envelope, air flow rate, coolant flow rate and specified heat transfer, Mezzo radiators typically provide a 30-40% airside pressure drop reduction. This is particularly important for customers trying to save fan power.
  • In-line tube patterns prevent airside fouling and improve ease of maintenance.
  • Great resistance to foreign object damage.
  • Polymer tubes: When Mezzo products incorporate polymer microtubes, great weight savings can be achieved compared to competing technologies.
  • Weight savings in high temperature applications: When characteristic temperatures of an application remove aluminum as a candidate material, Mezzo products will be lightweight.
  • High-pressure applications: Microtubes are pressure vessels! Mezzo products in high pressure applications provide great performance!

Markets of microtube radiator-style products:

  • High performance automotive racing (Formula 1, LMP 1, IndyCar)
  • Environmental control systems for aircraft
  • Military ground vehicles
  • Supercritical CO 2 coolers
  • Condensers and evaporators
  • Directed energy heat exchangers