Our Team


Dr. Kevin Kelly

Dr. Kevin Kelly is the President and co-Founder of Mezzo. He received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991and served as a full-time faculty member of Louisiana State University’s Mechanical Engineering department from 1993 to 2007. Dr. Kelly left LSU in 2007 to assume full-time responsibilities at Mezzo. He has overseen the evolution of Mezzo from a company surviving on research grants to a company capable of designing and manufacturing high quality products for demanding customers across a wide range of applications.


Charles Becnel
Director of Operations

Charles Becnel received both his Bachelor of Science (2001) and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (2003) at Louisiana State University where his graduate work focused on microfabrication and thermal management.  Mr. Becnel worked for Mezzo Technologies from 2003-2012, pioneering the microtube manufacturing approach that is the foundation of Mezzo's product line. In 2012, Mr. Becnel left Mezzo and worked as an engineering manager overseeing large chemical plant construction projects. Upon returning to Mezzo in 2017, he brought with him a wide skill set that serves Mezzo well in his role as Director of Operations.

Dave Craig

Dave Craig
Director of Research

Dave Craig is Mezzo's Director of Research and Development. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from LSU (2006) and Master of Science degree from MIT (2008). Mr. Craig worked as a machinist while at LSU and at Mezzo for a brief time before graduate school. After working in the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and consumer product sectors, he came back to Mezzo with a strong background in design and manufacturing. He now works to improve and quantify Mezzo's core manufacturing technologies.


Tony Giglio
Director of Product Development

Anthony Giglio joined Mezzo in 2013 and has since overseen all of Mezzo's product design efforts. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University where his graduate work focused on gas turbine combustion. Prior to working at Mezzo, Mr. Giglio spent 5 years in the General Electric Energy-Gas Turbine division working as a lead hot gas path heat transfer design engineer. At GE, he designed numerous gas turbine components operating in high temperature, high pressure environments and was the heat transfer team leader for all rotating turbine hardware in GE's next generation advanced gas turbine. He also has several patents pending in the area of gas turbine cooling designs. Mr. Giglio dedicates a large amount of his time to streamlining, improving and expanding Mezzo's product design protocols and capabilities, allowing Mezzo to continually improve the quality and capabilities of its microtube products.


Alex Robinson
Director of Manufacturing

Alex Robinson has been serving as the Director of Manufacturing for Mezzo Technologies since January of 2018. Mr. Robinson has over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors including oil and gas, aerospace, defense and automotive. At Mezzo, he has successfully built a machine shop that continuously strives to improve product quality and efficiency.


Kris Clark
Director of Assembly

Kris Clark grew up in Louisiana, attended LSU, and began working for Mezzo in 2014 working as Assistant Director of Assembly. In subsequent years, he acquired extensive knowledge of all aspects related to assembly and testing of microtube heat exchangers. In 2019 he was named Director of Assembly. He currently leads a team of technicians who convert parts into final products. He spends his time working to ensure that Mezzo products are made efficiently and of the highest quality and delivered on schedule.


Mark Turner
Director of Finance

Mark Turner has served as Mezzo's Director of Finance since September 2012. Mr. Turner brings over 25 years of financial accounting experience, the vast majority of which was spent at small manufacturing companies, much like Mezzo. Prior to Mezzo, he spent 13 years as the CFO and Controller at PreSonus Audio Electronics. His experience has been valuable to Mezzo's growth. He has helped to streamline Mezzo's project cost tracking as well as implementing a new ERP system that keeps Mezzo's projects running smoothly.