Automotive Racing

Mezzo Technologies manufactures heat exchangers for some of the most demanding customers in automotive racing (Formula 1, LMP 1, Daytona Prototype, IndyCar). Mezzo began its entry into automotive racing by introducing its novel microtube radiator to the Indy Racing League (now IndyCar) in 2010. Mezzo won the Louis Schwitzer award in 2010 for the most innovative new product in the Indy Racing League.

Since then, Mezzo has sold products in other high-performance automotive sports platforms. These products include:

Intercoolers: Mezzo's water-air intercoolers, combined with advanced cooling strategies, provide unsurpassed performance in terms of low charge air temperature, low charge air pressure drop across the intercooler, weight and packaging.

Oil coolers: Mezzo specializes in making high performance oil-air and oil-coolant heat exchangers. Mezzo's oil-coolant heat exchangers provide exceptional combination of weight, compactness, and low pressure drop. Customers often find it surprising that oil pressure drop through microtube heat exchangers are lower than the conventional product they previously used. Mezzo's oil-air heat exchangers also offer great performance, especially in environments where fouling is a concern.

Radiators: Mezzo is one of the two allowed radiators for the IndyCar racing league. Mezzo's product provides excellent heat transfer. On high-speed tracks, Mezzo's radiator is known to drop coolant temperatures 4-6 °C compared to the competition. Also, the Mezzo radiator is rugged and easy to maintain. Mezzo has no aluminum fins to bend, and whatever debris that is trapped in the radiator during the race can be removed easily and quickly.

Polymer tube heat exchangers: For ultra high-performance customers who place extreme importance on weight, Mezzo's polymer tube heat exchangers give a unique advantage.