Mezzo manufactures a variety of products that are finding niches in aerospace. Some of these products are listed below:

Bleed Air Coolers: Mezzo bleed air coolers (air-air) have been designed and tested. Mezzo’s microtube bleed air cooler provides significant weight savings over conventional style bleed air coolers, given identical volumetric constraints, and thermal performance specifications.

Oil Coolers: Mezzo’s oil coolers are particularly advantageous in harsh environments where air- side fouling is a problem.

Environmental Control System Heat Exchangers: Mezzo radiators, condensers, and evaporators can be made in a variety of shapes and are available for high performance environmental control systems in aircraft.

Oil-fuel heat exchangers: Mezzo liquid-liquid heat exchangers offer unsurpassed performance with respect to size and weight. Heat exchangers that preheat fuel with oil are one example where Mezzo products can provide savings.

Intercoolers: In some instances, Mezzo coolant-air intercoolers have been used in aerospace applications. Mezzo intercoolers are compact and lightweight and provide excellent overall thermal performance (high effectiveness, low charge air pressure drop).

Aerospace: Mezzo manufactures a variety of heat exchangers useful for military aircraft. These include bleed air coolers, oil coolers (especially useful in harsh environments, intercoolers, environmental control heat exchangers, liquid-liquid heat exchangers, light weight radiators, etc.