Oil Coolers

Mezzo makes two main types of oil coolers: oil-liquid heat exchangers and oil-air heat exchangers.

Oil-liquid heat exchangers:

  • Mezzo oil-liquid heat exchangers are extremely compact and provide significant weight savings.
  • Typically, the oil pressure drop is reduced compared to conventional oil coolers.
  • Mezzo oil-liquid heat exchangers are provided in a variety of shapes (usually cylindrical or rectangular)and are often designed as a cartridge to be inserted into a shell.
  • Mezzo oil-liquid heat exchangers are popular in the most competitive levels of auto racing, aerospace, military ground vehicles, and many other applications.
  • Mezzo microtube oil-liquid heat exchangers are a subset of liquid-liquid heat exchangers. The attributes of liquid-liquid heat exchangers are similar to those of oil-liquid heat exchangers.

Oil-air heat exchangers:
Mezzo oil-air heat exchangers offer some advantages over conventional plate-fin designs which include

  • Mezzo’s microtube oil-air heat exchanger is extremely resistant to airside fouling, which is extremely valuable in some harsh environments.
  • Mezzo microtube oil-air heat exchangers provide the same excellent thermal performance as Mezzo’s radiators. For equal frontal areas, air flow rates and specified heat transfer, Mezzo’s products typically provide a 30-40% reduction in air-side pressure drop across the heat exchanger.
  • Like Mezzo’s radiators, a microtube oil-air heat exchanger is very resistant to foreign object damage (FOD).
Oil-air heat exchangers
Oil-air heat exchangers