Military ground vehicle cooling: Military ground vehicles require complex cooling systems to handle ever-increasing demands from both engine and accessories. A modern, highly efficient cooling system must provide cooling to engine, electric components, weapons systems, etc. These systems, which inevitably require the use of a high-horsepower fan, must be compact, lightweight, and robust. Mezzo’s assortment of high-performance products (radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers) make it possible to meet the cooling needs with a compact package while consuming minimal fan power.

Directed Energy Systems: Mezzo is currently developing products for Directed Energy Systems. Directed Energy Systems involve the need for large amounts of electric power as well as the need to remove considerable waste heat. Mezzo is involved in a variety of Directed Energy Systems projects where aggressive thermal management targets need to be met.

Aerospace: Mezzo manufactures a variety of heat exchangers useful for military aircraft. These include bleed air coolers, oil coolers (especially useful in harsh environments, intercoolers, environmental control heat exchangers, liquid-liquid heat exchangers, light weight radiators, etc.